Bridal Boudoir by Harald Claessen Photography

Bridal Boudoir by Harald Claessen Photography


In addition to wedding and engagement photography we offer Bridal Boudoir sessions. They are a natural extension of my Sensual Portraits work with many years of extensive experience.

The perfect gift - The gift of you

A bridal Boudoir session will create the perfect gift of printed photographs of you for your partner on the day of your wedding. The gift of you.

Photographs can be printed and delivered in a luxury box. Plan on approximately 2-3 days between the day of the shoot and the delivery of the images to you. This time is needed for pre-selection of the best images, editing, you choosing your images, printing, packing and delivery to you personally.

Photographs can also be delivered in a bespoke handmade mini-album, just for your hubby. 

How does it work?

Because of my experience in my sensual portraits work (see my other website galleries) I receive increasingly more enquiries for this popular wedding gift. It's therefore best to enquire at least two months ahead of the planned shooting date. We will choose a venue, and we will share a closed Pinterest board with lot's of our images and ideas, so that we both know what type of images you are going for. 

Your Privacy

I take your privacy very seriously and will never share your images online or in print without your written consent.  The image you see on this page has been approved by the woman in the photo.

Unless you want to bring along a friend or your partner for a couple shoot, I will be the only person present during your shoot, as I believe that maintaining dynamic is very important to my work. Creating a comfortable atmosphere where you can relax and trust me is how I create incredible images for you. 

Whether you are a celebrity, have a high profile career, or like to keep your personal life private, I commit to keeping your images and personal information 100% confidential.

I have built a solid reputation based on trust and never pressure any client into sharing their photos, it is your choice and I respect that.

Here is some feedback I got from recent Brides

"My husband adored the gift and was very surprised to receive it on the morning of the wedding."

"Harald was very understanding of my conservative background and was very patient during the preparation of the session.We took our time to share reference pictures for him to understand my expectations and find a way for him to exceed them."

"I had confidence from the very first emails we exchanged."

"You were very professional with dealing with me, very humble and politically correct. When we first met, you explained the process and answered all my questions and waiting patiently for me to be ready to start."

"Before the photoshoot I was worried and shy, but it only took me a few minutes to feel calm and relaxed."

"I was very pleased and happy with the experience and outcome."

"I loved the pictures. Harald took the time to go through his shortlist with me and presented black and white VS colour options whenever possible and he traveled to meet me to do the select and then then traveled again to deliver the final prints to me personally, I really appreciated the personal treatment."

"My husband LOVED them and he was very happy with the surprise :) This made me very happy!"

"I am very happy with the experience and it was a real pleasure working with you."


Ready to create the perfect gift? Please get in touch.

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