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Let's create your Art together

When I say Together, how will we work?

Your wedding day is all about the both of you, your family and friends. Your photographer should make you feel relaxed and comfortable so that you can be completely yourselves. My style of photography, a mix between Documentary Storytelling and Natural Portraits, is very suited for this.

For the Bride and Groom...

You should be relaxed. Yes, I know it's your wedding day but to be truly yourself you need to relax and enjoy the moments. Hiring me as your wedding photographer will help you in this regard, my personality works calming on couples because you will see my professionalism and enthusiasm, I arrive early, well-prepared with a plan, and that works assuring. My photography style will enable me to make Authentic and Natural images that matter to you while you are fully enjoying your day.

Harald Claessen wedding photographer Cyprus

It would be great if we can get to know each other before the wedding. We can meet, or if you live abroad we could Skype, or perhaps have a coffee together before your wedding once you have arrived at your wedding location. If your wedding is still far out and you are planning ahead, we could also do an engagement shoot (see below).

Don't pay attention to me, I will be there all the time, capturing all those beautiful fleeting moments. Images look more natural when you do not look at me or into the camera, except of course if I ask you to do so.  

Getting to know each other and being relaxed and truly yourself is all that you need to do. All the rest, leave it in my hands. As a professional photographer, I'm experienced in finding special moments for portrait images of you both that don't feel awkward to you, they will be natural because I have observed who you both are while you were enjoying your moments with the people who are close to you.

This is why every wedding I photograph results in different images. Your images will also be different because you are different.

What all of my images have in common, is my style, that intimate look which you allow me to create by being completely yourself.

So here is how it all works..

Portrait or engagement photo session to get to know each other

One of the best ways to get to know each other is to meet for a portrait or engagement photo session. I believe this session is just as important as the wedding. The wedding day is about celebrating the day with family and friends, whereas the engagement photo session is just for the two of you. This session can add so much to the story of who you are as a couple, and this is an ideal way to become very comfortable in front of my lens before the wedding day.

Your engagement session can be as simple as a stroll on your favourite beach, walking around your neighbourhood and grabbing a coffee at your favourite spot, go back to the location where the proposal happened – anything you can imagine to share the imagery of your story as a couple. I much prefer to shoot in a location that means something to you as I believe it adds an extra depth to the photographs.

You can use the photographs from the engagement shoot for save-the-date cards, invitations or thank you cards. 

Engagement shoot in the UK

Engagement shoot in the UK


If we don't have the opportunity for an engagement photo session

Let's have a coffee together before your wedding day. I love coffee. If you drink tea, try coffee, it's really nice ;))


Your wedding day

During your wedding day I will arrive early, well prepared with plenty of equipment and back-ups. We will start with the getting ready and depending on your planning for the day, we will end on the dance floor. In our preliminary meeting we will have discussed all the important details and wishes of your day. 

For the Brides who are eager to "Trash the Dress" we make "Special Plans" - prepare to get wet!

For traditional Cyprus weddings we will organise a "Second day shoot".


After your wedding, Your Art, the art you can hold

After my careful selection and natural style editing, selected photographs of your wedding will be printed in a bespoke handmade album which comes to you in a luxury wooden box. This is optional, because I only work with the best quality album makers, after all, this is my final product to you. 

In addition you will receive all the selected images in high resolution in electronic format. I do not limit the amount of images in my selections since I know that each of those images may have a special meaning to you. Those images deserve to be printed which can be done by yourself or I can arrange this for you. Those prints are the Art you can Hold.

If you believe that we would be a good fit, please get in touch.


I believe in keeping things simple and transparent for you. Organising a wedding requires you to make many choices. I don't have a PDF with lots of  packages, I'll base my price on an hourly all inclusive rate. Do you want your wedding to be Short and Sweet or you want Full-Out? That's fine! Feel free to contact me for promotions for weekdays and off-season weddings.



If you believe we would be a good fit or you have any questions, please get in touch.

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