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A short story about us

So how does a Naval Architect, who years ago changed his profession into Photo Journalist, started photographing weddings?

Years ago, in my commitment to learn continuously from the best photographers, I was attending a photography workshop in the UK to meet my all time favourite portrait photographer. There were many international photographers teaching that week and his particular workshop was on Friday. So I had arrived a week before because each day there was a workshop with some of the world best wedding photographers. I took the opportunity to study with them because I had an upcoming wedding where the bride was an international photojournalist who loved my documentary style (although I told her I had never done this before, she was confident that I was going to be just what she wanted). And I did not manage to talk her out of it :-) That's where it all started..

A year prior to that, I had just made a major switch in my profession, and in my life. I felt fulfilled with my last work as a Naval Architect, a job which allowed me to travel the world and live and work in many different countries while working on projects. During this time I had observed the variety and peculiarities of cultures, backgrounds, environments and similarity of human emotions in all of those countries I worked in and traveled to and it awoke my passion to document what I saw with the camera, just as I had eagerly done in my teenage years. My passion for visual storytelling combined with all my travelling and being part of different cultures trough living and working with them, had lent me a different perspective and I felt that my images had a connected, intimate feel to them. It was because I connected to their lives.

Following my decision to to become a photo journalist, I had applied and got accepted at the renowned MPW to study photojournalism and story telling in Missouri, USA (Here is the story that I photographed over 3 days). I continued educating myself in the world of Photography and storytelling with many of the world renowned photographers whose work I admire, and up to this day, I occasionally still do this to learn more and to find new inspiration and I hope I will never stop.

So here I was, a visual storyteller who had spent many year travelling and experiencing life in many countries around the world where I worked and lived, I was very passionate about photojournalism, visual storytelling with a special love for portrait photography.

It finally dawned on me. Everything I care about is all coming together in photographing weddings, couples and the people that show them how much they care about them, their story, their relationships, and my passion for storytelling and authentic portraits. Why? Because it matters to me, stories resonate with me. I'm genuinely interested, I care about people, I care about their relationships, about their friends and family, about their story. I strive for Realness, Authenticity, True and sensitive images. A wedding day is a very special day for you and so the story is very special to me.



“We love it! We could go on and on, looking through more pictures and remembering all the little things in our wedding day! We love the diversity and we can see your passion through each frame. You managed to catch the most beautiful moments of our magical day. Thanks for being such a wonderful companion to this special day.” -
— E&Y


To see how we do this together, read on in Let's create your art


My other photography activities

I like openness, transparency and a lot of work which keeps me going doing what I love most.

In my previous work life I lived in 9 different counties and I travelled to close to 40. This life gave me many valuable insights into the world around me. And I love teaching! I therefore run (or rather prefer to walk) photography workshops to various locations around the world such as Japan, Cuba, Russia, NYC.

My personal work has been internationally published and I wrote an E-book to help photographers become comfortable with photographing strangers, called "For the Right Reasons, a Relaxed approach to photographing strangers".

I'm also available to teach one-on-one photography lessons.

If you like my wedding work, I encourage you to have a look at my Photography workshop and personal website to find out more.


BRIDAL BOUDOIR - the perfect gift

In addition to wedding and engagement photography we offer Bridal Boudoir sessions. They are a natural extension of my Sensual Portraits work with many years of extensive experience.


A bridal Boudoir session will create the perfect gift of printed photographs of you for your partner on the day of your wedding. The gift of you.